Ericstown is the epitome of a one horse town. The small settlement contains within its boundaries one main road with a series of sorry shacks lining it. Everything is the same dull brown, all the wood from the same grove and all the stain from the same pot. Despite its humble size, Ericstown is the primary control center for the entire region. The Nevada state government has an office in town where the local governor works. The position “Governor of Serenity Valley” is often where politicians end their careers. It’s usually an early retirement and occasionally a prison sentence.

Also in Ericstown is the Valley’s law enforcement headquarters. The Sherrif’s office is in town while the local penitentiary lies a few miles away. Also in Ericstown is the Valley Rangers headquarters. They share a training facility with the police near the penitentiary.

There is also a church in town, run deep into disrepair and doubling as a hospital, the old mission has seen better days.

The primary reason Ericstown even exists is because of the railroad and train station. Goods and suppies are loaded and offloaded about once a month, sometimes more, oftentimes fewer. It is the only communication with the outside world, carrying mail and news through the Valley.


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