New Shanghai

Locations within New Shanghai

New Shanghai is divided into several districts legally recognized by the government of the city. Each district has several notable locations within. They are as follows:

The Imperial Gardens: The Imperial Gardens is home to the mayoral palace, constructed in 1845 by the first settlers of the Valley. The Gardens are also famous for being one of the only sources of water in the Valley, providing clean drinking water to New Shanghai and the majority of the outlying ghettos. Traditional Chinese restaurants and stores owned by descendents of Imperial China line the waterways. The Gardens are the cleanest, most pleasant location in the entire Valley.

The Casino District: Just as the name suggests, the Casino District contains all the different ways to satisfy a vice.

The Industrial Quarter: New Shanghai was originally built as a mining town to process the raw minerals coming in from across the Valley. Today, the city continues to process coal, iron, copper, tin, diamonds, gold, silicone, and lead as well as a variety of Uranium isotopes. All of the processed goods are shipped down a long, well protected road to Ericstown where it is shipped to the rest of the United States.

The Indian Embassy: The Embassy is a small section of the city close to the Imperial Gardens. It is home to the ambassador of the local Indian league that operates out of the Martis-Shohone Indian Reserve. It is a building surrounded by tall walls and well guarded.

Trader’s Village: Trader’s Village is a humorous name that one of the most prominent merchants came up with to describe the shanty town where most of the city’s commercial business is conducted. Trader’s Village is simply an amalgam of tents and corrugated steel huts dug into the side of a hill. Many of the shops are open air stalls where ailing merchants sell handmade goods. The most affluent merchants have earned their wealth selling salvage or Indian artifacts from the Valley.

Monastery of the Order of the White Lotus: The Monastery of the White Lotus stands outside of New Shanghai in the middle of the residential sectors. It is home to the Order of the White Lotus who are an order to monks dedicated to protecting the citizens of the Valley.

Residential sectors split into ghettos: The Residential sectors are a series of ghettos housing the city’s Chinese, Western European, Black, Eastern European and Mexican settlers. Many of them work in the Industrial District or at the various Casinos in the Casino District. Most of the settlers are poor, living in dirty, cramped apartments. The wealthier residents live outside of the Residential center in rows of houses built in the early 1950’s.

New Shanghai

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