Order of the White Lotus

The Order of the White Lotus has had a presence in the Valley since New Shanghai was founded in 1837. Along with the settlers from Imperial China were several Shaolin monks from the famous Shaolin Monastery. They built a small monastery of their own on the outskirts of New Shanghai.

About The Order of the White Lotus

The Order of the White Lotus traveled to Serenity Valley in 1837 in order to establish a monastery. Very little is actually known about the very secretive monks except that occasionally they leave the bounds of their fortified walls without a word to the public.

For over a hundred years the Monastery has remained fairly isolated from the rest of the Valley. Membership is fairly strict, however it seems that nobody can fail being admitted once accepted.

The Lotus flower symbolizes purity and perfection and many have speculated that the Order has had something to do with the historic decline in unexplainable occurrences within the Valley.

Order of the White Lotus

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