The Latter-Day Saints

The Latter-Day Saints are an offshoot of the more formally known Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This particular sect of Mormons is found exclusively in the Valley and tend to be fanatical in their devotion.


The Latter-Day Saints came into the Valley in the 1870s, only a few decades before the Knights Humanitas arrived. They constructed their homes out of the materials available locally and immediately began converting the Chinese immigrants flocking to New Shanghai.

Eventually recruitment got more difficult as the Knights Humanitas came into the Valley and began taking recruits for their own Order. The two share a fairly hostile rivalry that has cooled down in recent years, but is still likely to spark up again. The Latter-Day Saints tend to be rash and difficult to negotiate with when they get worked up into their religious fervor.

Notable Members

The Latter-Day Saints

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