Valley Rangers

The Valley Rangers are a small paramilitary group similar in function to the famous Texas Rangers. They were created in response to rising Indian aggression and an increase in the number of criminals finding their way into the Valley.


The organization was created in 19742 as the Serenity Valley Border Patrol to help the United States government to combat encroaching Indians as well as to help protect the borders of the Valley from Indians and outlaws alike.

Over the course of the 1960s, however, the Border Patrol did not have nearly enough authority to handle the situations that arose while in the field. Their equipment and training was not suited to the task. In 1985 the Valley’s local government passed a bill that changed the name of the Border Patrol to simply the Valley Rangers and extended their jurisdiction as well as increasing their autonomy.

Since then, the Valley Rangers have become an elite fighting corps designed specifically to combat whatever unwanted aggressors enter the Valley.


The duties of the Rangers are fairly widespread as they are the local police force as well as the local defense force. They police the borders as they have done historically. Furthermore, they defend the homesteads and towns of the valley from attack by bandits and indians. They perform escort duties for political VIPs as well as search and rescue for lost settlers.

Some of the settlers say that the Rangers have another, top secret agenda, but the Rangers have denied all accusations with support from the Valley’s government.


Membership in the Rangers is strictly limited to those who have previously proven themselves in the Valley. Many of the members are from local cowboy families that have inherited their positions in the Rangers. Though with the latest war finished, dozens of new recruits are veterans. The Rangers saw a huge spike in membership after World War Two.

Most of the Rangers are highly skilled with all forms of firearm, very capable of riding a horse, trained in navigation and survival, and in general very hardy individuals. The Rangers do have an administration that oversees their duties and some of the older Rangers have continued to serve behind a desk.

Training to become a Ranger is rigorous and dangerous thanks to a tradition of employing Ex-Marine drill sergeants and an extreme disregard for safety. The idea behind the training is that in the field you do not get second chances and training you only get one opportunity to screw up.

Notable Members

Manny Jack Harrison: Original founder of the organization. He passed away in 1998 due to unknown causes.
Richard Harrison: Current Valley Ranger General, the highest position within the organization. At the age of 42 he rides the range just as he has done since joining the Rangers.
Hank Dawson: Chief instructor at the Serenity Valley Ranger Academy. He served in the United States Marines during the Vietnam War as a squad marksman. Upon leaving the jungles and retiring his commission he joined the French Foreign Legion and fought briefly before returning back to the United States where he found the Valley Rangers and has been content ever since.
Sally Mae Dawson: Daughter of Hank Dawson, Sally Mae has always ridden with the boys in the field while keeping an air of femininity. However, her father tends to scare suitors away. Her skill in horsemanship is unmatched in the Valley, but she tends to score lower in marksmanship and survival tests than her peers.

Valley Rangers

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