Serenity Valley is home to many dark secrets. It sits on the edge of humanity in one of the most remote locations in the United States.

In the Valley the law of the gun is superior to that of any laws man can make up. Outlaws roam the outskirts of the settlements robbing travelers and settlers alike. The long arm of the law only reaches so far and its resources are limited, especially in the darkness when the moon rises in the night sky and the wolves and coyotes howl. The Valley is never as Serene as the name may imply. Afterall, the native settlers of the nearby areas referred to it as the Forsaken Valley. The few people that know of the ancient name believe it to be melodramatic, but there are many who know first hand why the ancient natives gave the land that name. Those people live and die at night keeping the unseen evils from encroaching on the daylight.

People are drawn from across the nation to Serenity Valley. Some to fight the darkness, others to embrace it. Which one will you be?

Serenity Valley

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