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Serenity Valley is an out of the way toilet of a place where criminals, outcasts, and folks down on their luck with no other hopes or dreams go. It was settled in the late 1830’s by a large Chinese population looking to set up mining operations. When they arrived they found massive quantities of precious metals, gems, and in the mid 20th century, fuel for the government’s newest nuclear initiatives.

Places in Serenity Valley

New Shanghai is the principal city in the region and serves as the home to many artisans and craftsmen in the area. The city has also seen its fair share of organized crime. The crime families still operate and tend to make life a little more difficult for the inhabitants.

On the other side of the valley is Government Outpost Supply Station 083, also known as Ericstown by the settlers that pass through for goods. Ericstown, being directly under control by the United States government has a much more timid feel to it. The outlaws tend to stay out and as a result, the goods and services offered are equally as tame.

Close to Ericstown is the Martis-Shohone Indian Reserve. All of the Indians in the valley make their home at the Reservation due to a government program that saw to the end of Indian independence. The war continues, however, and veterans from the Iraqi-American conflict fight daily to defend against the violent raiders.

The United Steam Transcontinental Rail line passes through the valley and stops in Ericstown with supplies and settlers once every few months, but aside from that, there is virtually no way to communicate with the outside world. Phone and internet lines have not been built yet, however the US Mail as well as a reincarnation of the Pony Express transmits information back and forth throughout, into, and out of the valley.

Publically known organizations

Valley Rangers: A highly trained paramilitary law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the entire valley as granted by the Nevada government.
Order of the White Lotus: The local Shaolin temple, populated by a small group of monks dedicated to preserve peace in the valley.
Guardians of the Earth Mother: Native Americans gathered from multiple different tribes that work together to prevent an ancient prophecy.
Chow Wong family: The largest crime family in Serenity Valley, it operates out of New Shanghai. It is known historically for drug and weapon trafficking, but in recent years has lost much of its influence.
The Latter-Day Saints: A fanatical Christian organization descended from Joseph Smith’s Mormon faith. The Saints have grown more and more aggressive since the 19th century and has increased its conversion efforts.
Knights Humanitas: The Knights are an old Christian order of monks that traveled from their ancestral home in the Baltics to bring God back to the Valley. Their motto is “a tenebris ad lumen,” From darkness to light."

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